Raise your hand if you have turned the heat on in your home already?  How about in your car?  I see quite a few of you out there and in truth I would have to raise my hand…at least half way.

The last few nights have been in the 40’s and we were holding off for as long as possible because it comes with the knowledge that it’s the start of long fall/winter/spring heat season.  We woke up Monday morning to a 64 degree house and both Jane and I admitted it was time.  That initial blast of heat features a smell you could do without…it’s kind of like your system saying, “here I am back for another season.”  By the way if your unit is old you are praying it gets you through another winter.  This is also a reminder to have your unit serviced and filter replaced.  In my case that means the company I use having to go into my crawl space which is a job that is not fun. (I always give my guys a tip).

Anyway so we have put the heat on as needed so far this week but before long it will be with us for most of the day, every day.  To be honest we don’t like it too warm…around 68 degrees is just fine unless it’s bitter cold outside.  I know some who have their thermostat set to 72 degrees 24/7 and that’s way too warm for me.

I said in the beginning I would raise my hand halfway if asked to do so as I have turned on the heat in my house but not my car yet this fall but I know that’s coming soon enough.

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