More and more, it seems like for every store opening, there are two store closings in Ocean County. This time, it's the second time through bankruptcy for a formerly ubiquitous chain that will shutter its final Ocean County locations.

Only two years ago, RadioShack filed for bankruptcy protection and closed almost half a dozen locations in Ocean County.

The Toms River Shopping Center and Lacey Mall locations survived the previous round of culling, but couldn't survive round two.

The first bankruptcy protection filing was in 2015, and almost 1,800 stores were closed, including two locations in Toms River (at the Ocean County Mall, and on Route 9), and a store each in Manahawkin, Tuckerton, and Manchester Township.

The Toms River Shopping Center and Lacey Mall locations remained open.

Until now.

With the latest bankruptcy filing coming last week, another 200 stores have been tagged for closure, including our final pair of local stores.

Both locations are now liquidating their stock and are scheduled for final closing in the next few weeks, with the Lacey Mall location confirming a May 8th closure.

If you have any RadioShack gift cards sitting around, now is the time to use them, with the company's website marking April 30th as the final day to redeem them.


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