With plenty of national businesses that have outposts here at the shore announcing closings, liquidations, and bankruptcy protection so far this year, we can add another name to the list today. This time, a restaurant chain.

Just yesterday we learned that pizza and Italian chain Bertucci's has filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

USAToday reports that the company has closed or is planning to shutter at least 29 locations, the North Brunswick, NJ location among those already wrapping up operations, and the company, "faces a serious risk of going out of business without a speedy bankruptcy sale."

Honestly, we can look at this a couple of ways here at the Shore - we have a lot of really great local pizzerias here, and one could make the argument that chain pizza just isn't Jersey enough, anyway.

But, I'll also admit that my family enjoys Bertucci's on occasion. Their fried mozzarella is really good, their calzones are both tasty and about the size of your head, and their big, doughy, and usually blazing hot free rolls are outstanding.

Will we be totally crushed if Bertucci's goes out of business? Nah, not really. But it is too bad to see another well liked business on the ropes like Bertucci's is right now.

They have 5 locations in New Jersey, with the closest to Ocean County being Hazlet.


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