It seems like we have gotten to the point where we just wait for next name to drop and fall victim to the “Weinstein Effect” a phenomenon that has claimed more than three dozen well-known and powerful men in the world of entertainment, sports and politics.

Matt Lauer is the latest and maybe biggest name to fall as the longtime host of NBC’s most profitable program, “Today” was fired over an allegation of inappropriate sexual behavior with a subordinate just 24 hours after that woman and her lawyer met with network executives.

During the day Wednesday at least two other complaints were made by women against Lauer, one from a former employee and the other believed to be from someone still working for NBC.  It was an amazing downfall for the 59-year old who was one of the most powerful figures in television and just last week hosted the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade and would have been the lead host on the Winter Olympics this February.

It’s fair to say what’s developed over the last two months has companies and organizations not only wondering if they are next to suffer fall-out but also re-thinking the policies they might have in place for sexual harassment.  It should also put everyone on notice about what they can and cannot say and do in the work place and it’s something a few of us have discussed here on an informal basis.

We often joke about the subject when we are around those who we feel are comfortable with the topic but then again you can’t be 100% sure that what you’re saying is considered funny by somebody on the other end.

I’m afraid we will now get to the point that everything will be off limits, even with co-workers who enjoy kidding around.  If I tell a woman in the office that she looks “nice” today do I have to worry about her reaction or fear she will report me?

One thing is for sure. The dominoes are falling and they are not going to stop anytime soon.


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