When I call the story of the Meadowlands' American Dream Mall project a strange odyssey, it truly has been

It's an odyssey that stretches back across two decades and has had more starts and stops than a NJ Transit train during rush hour.

With previous reports pointing to a March opening, the public is now being told to temper that particular expectation.

Late last week, NJ.com reported that while the project is still actively morning forward, the previous timetable was, let's call it, "ambitious", as Governor Phil Murphy bluntly commented that the ribbon cutting has, “slipped closer to June.”

It also caught my attention that the same story noted that the project's developer has been oddly silent about, well, everything, really.

When I last wrote about the American Dream Mall just a few weeks ago when we got an idea of some of the stores that are expected to set up shop, I said that I'll believe it when I see it.

In light of this most recent setback, I'm sticking by that.



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