Broadcasting every Friday from our Seaside Park studio is great. Not only does it get me out of the office once a week for a change of pace, but spending a workday at the beach really can't be beat.

But there is one dangerous part of it - the siren call of boardwalk food.

I'm actually pretty proud of myself. I've done a good job this year of limiting my summertime calorie bombs.

But every now and then you just have to partake.

And we all know that there are no lack of options.

From pizza to cheesesteaks, sausage & peppers to french fries.

And of course you can't forget dessert!

Frozen custard, Italian ice, funnel cake, and fried, well, fried everything.

I will admit, two weeks ago I got some cheese fries that I was really disappointed with. They were soggy, undercooked, and greasy.

But this past Friday, Sawmill's fries made me forget all about the frustrating fry experience of the week before.

So when you hit up the boardwalk, what are your favorite indulgences? Comment below and feel free to give your favorite restaurant or stand a shout out!


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