If you look at the photo above, it's just a pizza. Don't get me wrong, I love pizza as much as the next guy, but it's not a true Jersey Shore boardwalk pizza. And it's certainly not another staple of the Jersey diet - the tomato pie.

Last week we talked about pork roll (or Taylor Ham, as some still insist on calling it). It's one of those foods that when you mention it to out-of-staters, you normally get a confused look back.

The same usually happens when you try to explain what a tomato pie is. The response is usually, "yeah, you're describing pizza".

But no, we're not just describing pizza, we're describing a totally unique kind of pizza!

Here in Ocean County we have a few great places to grab a tomato pie, like Maruca's or Three Brothers From Italy, both in Seaside Heights.

So, to the other 49 states, you keep your "pizza", we'll happily chow down on a Jersey tomato pie!

Where are your favorite places to grab a tomato pie slice in New Jersey? Comment below and give your favorites a shout out!

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