It is definitely allergy season here in Ocean County. If your neighborhood is anything like mine, everything is covered in a light yellow dusting, and sneezing and nose blowing are the sounds of the season along with birds and other critters.

Aside from prescriptions and over the counter pills, a lot of people have their own homespun remedies for allergy relief.

I actually avoided the Neti Pot craze for a long time. Mostly because I can think of few things less pleasant than getting water up my nose.

It got to the point, though, that a number of my friends swore by washing their noses out with salt water, so I figured it couldn't hurt to at least try.

And you know what? It actually helps.

I hate that feeling when I first wake up and I'm itchy, sneezy, and uncomfortable. A quick Neti Pot session in the morning takes care of that. And then another wash through in the evening helps clear out everything that's built up during the day (pleasant mental image, huh?).

So what home remedies do you have to help alleviate allergy woes? Tell us in the comments!

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