What’s Your Thoughts on the Neti Pot
It seems that in today’s world health is a big topic, especially with the Coronavirus Pandemic causing some much trouble and now fall flu season is right around the corner.....or as it’s being dubbed “twindemic” the combination of Covid 19 and flu season.
Is The Pollen Killing You with Allergies?
Is The Pollen Killing You with Allergies? This week I left my windows open a little and within hours I had a coating of pollen on the inside of my car! I have never seen so much pollen, enough to write in it as you can see in the photo above.
Warm Days Are Kicking Off An Early Allergy Season
A friend of mine was just commenting this past weekend that some of her flowers are starting to bloom already, thanks to the unseasonably warm weather that we've been experiencing lately. While nice to look at, it comes with a big drawback - an early start to allergy season!

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