So many of us grew up taking family drives through Six Flags Great Adventure's Wild Safari.

We all surely have stories of piling into the family car and watching buffalo graze, giraffes mosey past, and ostriches try to gobble up cameras and other things that were safely protected behind the car windows.

Google Maps

And of course plenty of us came out the other side with monkey footprints covering the car (if you were lucky. If you weren't, you might have ended up short of a radio antenna!).

The largest drive through safari outside of Africa opened in 1974, with thousands of families taking the DIY tour until 2012, when the park moved away from the model of individual personal vehicles driving through on their own and opened the Safari Off Road Adventure, where guests get onto park-run vehicles to go through the safari in 2013.

But, did you know that you can still take a trip through Great Adventure's safari the old school way?

Well, sort of.

I found this totally by accident when I was researching a different story. I was on Google Maps when I noticed that if I clicked the Google Street View icon, the road through the safari lit up in blue, suggesting that the Google Street View van passed through, taking photos the whole time.

Google Maps

It turns out that it has.

Back in 2011, word spread that the Google Street View team had taken a trip through the whole park, including the safari.

Thanks to that trip, you can click through the whole 4 1/2 miles of the much loved safari right now!

Ready to get started? Just click the forward arrow on the map below to start your virtual Great Adventure safari drive through of days past!

(Yes, even the baboon enclosure is on the tour!)

Google Maps