Many were dismayed a few months ago when Six Flags Great Adventure announced that the decades old wild safari drive-through attraction was going to be revamped. This morning, I got a chance to check out the safari's rebirth.

Under cloudy skies and a chilly wind, I huddled up with other members of the media to be among the first to trek into Great Adventure's wilderness on the new Safari Off Road Adventure.

While the weather might not have been ideal, I do have to say that they did a nice job of revamping the safari. The new, open safari trucks give visitors a chance to get closer than ever to the animals, and each truck is directed by a safari guide (a big shout out to our guide, Jonny, who was a true trooper in his safari shorts and t-shirt for the whole, wet and chilly ride!).

There is one big part missing, the famous Great Adventure baboons aren't a part of the safari right now, but word has it that they are still living happily on the property and will be back in some form in the future.

When you get a chance to check out the new Safari Off Road Adventure, be sure to let us know what you think!