summer jobs

Work For WOBM!
Have you ever been listening to the radio and thought, "hey, it would be really cool to work in radio"? Well, I can tell you two things:
1) It is!
2) You can find out for yourself!
Summer Jobs!
Are you looking for a summer job here in Ocean County? The Toms River Youth Services department is seeking summer camp counselors for its 2017 summer camp season. Applicant's must be 18 years of age or older.
For more information on the job openings Call 732-341-1000 Ext 8436
Camp runs from June …
How Will Kids Spend Summer?
With summer upon us in Ocean County, we already asked how the adults plan to mark the occasion, now I want to know how your kids will spend their school vacations.
Great Adventure Job Fair
When I opened my email this morning, there was one specific line in Six Flags Great Adventure's job fair announcement discussing the 2016 season that caught my eye, "...which kicks off six weeks from today".

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