As the school years wind down throughout Ocean County, a lot of kids (and parents) are thinking about how they're going to spend their summers.

As I've discussed before, as a kid I spent my summers working at a camp up in the Pennsylvania Poconos.

While I didn't get to spend the summers with my school friends, I did get to go back to the same place every summer, with a lot of the same people coming back year after year.

But going away for two months isn't everyone's cup of tea.

Of course, here at the Jersey Shore there's no lack of local summer job opportunities. From slinging ice cream on the boardwalk to life guarding on the beaches, if you're looking to make some money while you're off from school, there are plenty of options nearby.

And some kids take the opportunity to take it easy. After 9 months of hard work and a set schedule every day, summer is a good chance to sleep in, spend time with family, go on vacation, and relax before it all starts up again before you know it.

How do your kids spend their summers? Tell us in the comments sections!