It's Friday the 13th and the season of being spooked so I started to think about scary things that surround us every day.  I thought about the places I've lived in the past and realize there have been certain rooms that I would avoid.  Like an unfinished basement with a rickety staircase.  Then there was the detached garage that I never wanted to enter.

I checked with some friends and learned some of them avoid their basements too! Then I searched online and learned basement phobia is really a thing!

Am I holding on to some trauma from seeing spiders, crickets, and mice in basements over the years?  Is it the lack of sunlight that makes it feel extra dark and creepy?  Is it that we feel far away from others when we are down there?  Have we watched too many movies where bad things happen in basements?  What's the cause of this fear?

It always helps to know we're not alone so let's use this blog space as a chance to talk about our basements or any room in the house that we avoid, for whatever reason.

What's the room in your house that you don't like to be in?  Why do you think you avoid your basement (or garage, attic, etc.)?



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