Imagine that you just bought your dream home. And it didn't come cheap (it is New Jersey real estate, after all). You start doing renovations, you haven't even had the chance to move in yet, and you start to get letters from someone claiming that they're watching everything that happens to the house. And it's been going on for generations.

Creepy, right?

We first told you the story about "The Watcher" house in Westfield last summer. In a nutshell, it's what I described above, and on top of that, dueling lawsuits, desperate attempts to unload the property, and more creepy letters.

Well, the saga of "The Watcher" may be coming to an end, as the homeowners have applied for permission to tear the house down.

If you're too creeped out to move in. If you can't sell it. If you can't get your money back from the original sale, pretty much the only option left is to rip the whole thing down.

It really is a totally, totally bizarre story. You can check out the original article by clicking here, and the saga that's been ongoing which lead to this last resort by clicking here.

While we're talking about creepy houses, Halloween is right around the corner and the Ocean County Paranormal team is itching to investigate! If you have or know of a house that you think may be haunted, fill out the form below and we could come investigate!



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