6 Jersey Shore Amusement Piers Opening Soon
It really is spring! As more and more New Jersey residents get vaccinated against COVID-19, more and more business prepare to welcome us back to a little bit of life as we knew it. Here's when you and the family can enjoy some fun at the Jersey shore.
Shawn Michaels' 5 Rides You MUST Try at Casino Pier
Shawn Michaels' 5 Rides You MUST Try at Casino Pier in Seaside Heights....The 92.7 WOBM Summer Kick-Off Party is happening Monday, June 24th at Casino Pier in Seaside Heights! Keep listening for your invite and a chance to WIN your tickets for this special Summer Event with 92.7 WOBM
Seaside Coaster Early Look
It may seem like things go quiet at the beaches and boardwalks when winter rolls around, but workers have been busy in Seaside Heights as we realize that it's never too early to start counting down to summer 2017!
More Thrills Coming On the Way
The Jersey devil has deep roots in our state's history, and inspired the new theme for our upcoming thrill ride," said Park President John Fitzgerald.
I grew up loving Six Flags in Jackson from the very first year its gates opened in 1974 ( I was 9 ) and the rides thrilled us as k…

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