As a monster thunder and lightning storm bristled through the Jersey Shore on Monday, Six Flags Great Adventure was hit particularly hard when their power went out.

"There were multiple lightning strikes reported in the area of the park yesterday and we are confident that one of those strikes cause a trip of the transmission line," JCP&L Spokesman Cliff Cole told WOBM News. "JCP&L crews worked safely to quickly make the necessary repairs and restore power."

Six Flags officials closed down the park on Monday afternoon for the remainder of the day due to power failure.

"The power went out during the storm yesterday," Kristin Fitzgerald, Communications Spokesperson for Six Flags Great Adventure, told WOBM News. "We were not receiving any power into the property, so we know the origin of the issue was off property. All of the rides except 3 indoor rides were already closed due to the storm."

Fitgerald said those three rides were offloaded in five minutes and there were no injuries.

She says they expect to open as scheduled this morning as power has been restored.


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