After being shut down for over a year the idea of enjoying some of our favorite outdoor amusement parks is really exciting. A lot of our theme parks took advantage of this downtime to get ready for society’s re-opening by creating new rides and attractions for us!  Want to know what’s new? Read on!


Everyone is talking about the world’s brand new fastest single rail roller in the world at our own Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson. The Jersey Devil Coaster is the world’s tallest, fastest, and longest single-rail roller coaster with a 87-degree drop, and a 180-degree, zero-gravity roll! You’ll find this monstrosity lakefront near the Safari Kids and Congo Rapids attractions. Don’t forget about the classic Wild Safari Drive –Thru Adventure!  It’s featuring a bunch of new baby bison calves and baboons and of course my favorite elephants and giraffes with their purple tongues and all!

Photo credit: Great Adventure Facebook
Photo credit: Great Adventure Facebook

My family and I are going to Hersheypark next weekend and we can’t wait! Their roller coasters start rolling TODAY just in case you feel like playing hooky! They have a brand new hypercoaster called Candymonium which is the longest, tallest, and fastest coaster in their park. Hersheypark's oldest roller coaster, Comet, which I’ve been on many times is turning 75 years old!

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Don't forget about Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom just a short drive away in Allentown.
Splashworks is great for the kiddos and it includes six water slides, interactive spray jets, water cannons, a giant 317-gallon tipping bucket, and even a splash zone just for toddlers. With plenty of lounge chairs and shade structures overhead, Seaside Splashworks is designed to let parents relax and let the kids go nuts.

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