The Parkway and Motorcycles
Yesterday I was driving on the Parkway and I saw a couple of motorcycles traveling south-bound.  I can't even believe how fast the motorcycles were driving past me.
Driving Through Ocean County Without EZ Pass
In my rush to get out of the house and onto the Parkway, I forgot my EZ Pass transponder.  (It's usually in my car, but recently I borrowed it for a trip in another vehicle.) This brain lapse of leaving EZ Pass in that other car caused me aggravation and definitely added time onto my trip …
5 Ways To Tell Someone Isn't From Here
We're a unique bunch here in New Jersey, and of course in Ocean County. With the Summer season in full swing, we're going to have a lot of visitors coming through. And there are a few ways that you can tell an out-of-towner from a local. Here are my top 5 "tells":

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