A graduate of Penns Grove High School in Salem County, Bruce Willis is a true New Jersey guy. Before he was a famous actor with Blockbuster movies, Willis attended Montclair State University and worked Summers as a bartender in North Wildwood.

As part of the New Jersey Turnpike Authority's plans to rename all of the Garden State Parkway Rest Stops, they announced that the Ocean View Rest Stop adjacent to Exit 17 will be named in honor of Bruce Willis. Other New Jersey Hall of Fame Inductees who are being honored with their names on Rest Stops include Frank Sinatra, Whitney Houston, Jon Bon Jovi, and James Gandolfini.

Cape May County Commissioners Say No To Bruce Willis

But people in Cape May County are expressing their displeasure with the Ocean View Rest Stop being named for the famous actor from New Jersey.  Now the Cape May County Board of Commissioners passed a resolution requesting the New Jersey Highway Authority to NOT name the rest stop in honor of Bruce Willis.

Cape May County Board of Commissioners Director Leonard Desiderio said at the most recent County Commissioners meeting: “I don’t know what (Bruce Willis has) done for Cape May County.”

Long-time Cape May County County Clerk Rita Rothberg said at the County Commissioners Meeting that Bruce Willis worked with her brother in North Wildwood.

Instead of honoring Bruce Willis, the Cape May County Board of Commissioners wants the Rest Stop named after someone with direct ties to the southernmost county in New Jersey.  Because Willis did not grow up or go to High School in Cape May County, they think that disqualifies him.

Whose Name Should Be On The Garden State Parkway Rest Stop

Cape May County Commissioners Director Leonard Desiderio wants the Ocean View Rest Stop to be named after Medal of Honor recipient Andrew Tomlin.  Sergeant Tomlin was a Civil War hero who earned recognition for his exploits and selfless actions during the assault of Fort Fisher.

Tomlin was a Cape May County Resident from the Goshen section of what today is Middle Township. According to the Cape May County Commissioners Resolution, a Civil War Hero who lived a few miles away from the Ocean View Rest Stop is more deserving of his name being on the Parkway Rest Stop than Bruce Willis.

New Jersey residents on Facebook have their ideas of who the Garden State Parkway Service Areas should be named after, do you agree with any of these names or do you agree with the Cape May County Board of Commissioners?

Who New Jersey Rest Stops Should Actually Be Named After

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