So who would you name a Parkway rest stop after if you were given the opportunity?

Would you choose your favorite celebrity, regardless of whether they're from Jersey or not?

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Or would you want all Parkway rest stops named after people born in or who have lived in Jersey?

This whole question popped into my head after it was announced that a Parwaay Rest Stop would be renamed after the legendary actor Bruce Willis. 

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I started thinking, "Given the choice, who would Jersey choose to name a rest stop after if it was put to a vote?"

I posed the question on the 105.7 The Hawk Facebook Page, and the responses were overwhelming.

parkway rest stop names
Photo Credit: Facebook / 105.7 The Hawk

There were a lot of New Jersey names that popped up, but some that also surprised me.

For example, Jason Vorhees, the slasher from Friday The 13th, appeared a few times, and so did the legendary actor Jack Nicholson. I was surprised too that I didn't see Danny Devito's name pop up on the list of possible names.

He's a beloved Jersey icon and would seem like a good fit for a Parkway Rest Stop Nominee, but he was nowhere to be found on our list.

Danny Devito Parkway Stop, Parkway Rest Stop Names
Photo Credit: Canva

So who would you name a Parkway Rest Stop after? Let me know on our 105.7 The Hawk Facebook Page and let me know if you agree with the full list we've put together here.

Here are all the people New Jersey really wants to name a Parkway Rest Stop after.

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