What's the easiest way to spot someone who doesn't live in New Jersey?

I mean, besides the fact that they're probably driving under the speed limit in the left lane on the Parkway...

Just listen as they try to pronounce some of the more unique names of cities, towns, and townships here in the great Garden State.

Dead Giveaways

Forked River in Ocean County is usually a dead giveaway, as are places like Buena, Moonachie, and Kearny.

How to pronounce Forked River NJ
How to pronounce Forked River NJ - Photo: Google Maps / TSM Illustration

Heck, chances are people who have lived in this state their entire lives won't know all of these.

We recently scoured Google Maps and social media platforms to create a list of nearly two dozen towns that throw people off.

How to pronounce Moonachie NJ
How to pronounce Moonachie NJ - Photo: Google Maps / TSM Illustration

And yes, we realize we could take this even further by discussing localisms like where to put the accent on Brigantine in Atlantic County ("brig-in-TEEN"), Secaucus up north, or Berlin in Camden County ("ber-LIN") — but we'll keep it simple for now.

Take Our Quiz

So, our question is, can you properly say all 20 out of 20?

How to pronounce these 20 town names in NJ

How many of these New Jersey municipalities and neighborhoods have you been pronouncing wrong?

Gallery Credit: Judi Franco

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