Lauper’s “Kinky Boots” Is A Fun, Feel-Good Musical
What a treat to see Kinky Boots on Broadway over the weekend.  If you haven't seen it, here's what you might want to know.
The stage show was inspired by a movie about a shoe factory in England which was about to go under.  Then a chance meeting between a drag queen and the compan…
Enterprise Arrives at The Intrepid [Pictures]
A couple weeks ago, many of us watched in awe as the space shuttle Enterprise arrived in New York City. Yesterday there were more amazing sights as the vehicle made its way down the Hudson River to it's new home at The Intrepid Museum. Read more for some great pictures and info on how you can s…
How Do You Handle Seeing a Celebrity in Public? [Poll]
A couple years ago I was at a very small restaurant in New York City with a few friends. I was sitting facing the door and I saw a short, distinguished man walk in with a young woman. Then the recognition hit me. I quietly said to my friends, "don't stare, but Dustin Hoffman just walke…
The Most Crowded Time of the Year
I love New York City, I really do. One of the great parts about growing up and living in New Jersey is that one of the most dynamic cities in the world is a simple, short train ride away.