THIS IS EXCITING. Yes, you could win Shawn and Sue's Ladies Night with Maroon 5.

It's exciting because it's something to look forward too. Maroon 5 will be in concert at Madison Square Garden in New York City in 2021 and we have the first tickets available for this concert.

Suhaimi Abdullah - Getty Images
Suhaimi Abdullah - Getty Images

It's real simple to play along. Download the FREE 92.7 WOBM App on your iPhone or Android, wait for the codes and enter it right into the App. It's that simple.

5 Reasons Why You Want To Win Shawn & Sue's Ladies Night With Maroon 5:

*YOU DESERVE THIS. Heck we all deserve a fun night out.

*It's FREE. It's FREE to play along. It's FREE to listen to the radio when we give you the codes at 9 am, 11 am, 1 pm, 3 pm, and 5 pm. You could WIN and that would be exciting for you and your best friend.

*A night out with your best friend. I know it's been a while since I've been able to hang out with my best friend because of Covid-19, by concert-time it will be time to party and laugh like you haven't laughed in a long time. Remember all the good times you ladies shared singing "Moves Like Jagger."

*You're a SUPER FAN of Maroon 5. When you turn on 92.7 WOBM you know every single word to every single song that Maroon 5 sings.

*Adam, Adam, Adam, Adam, and Adam. I hear at a Maroon 5 concert Adam Levine throws his shirt into the crowd, you could catch it. He'll be singing and dancing without a shirt on. I know, "Sue that's so petty and rather sexist", but it might make you smile, that's all we want is to see you smile and have the best time.

Here we go and good luck, remember download the FREE 92.7 WOBM App, listen at 9 am, 11 am, 1 pm, 3 pm, and 5 pm Monday - Friday for the code word, and enter it into the WOBM App. It's that easy. AND, right now we need "EASY" in our life.

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