Are You A Fan Of Separate Checks at Ocean County Restaurants?
This time of year you may be getting together with friends to celebrate the season. Good food and conversation can make it a fabulous night. Until the check comes. Some people just like to split the bill evenly. But some people, myself included, think it's most fair for people to pay for th…
What's Safe To Eat Off The Vine?
I'm curious if you're the type to just pick berries off a vine. I'd worry that it might be poisonous. Plus I'd never eat anything without washing it first. Am I being unnecessarily cautious? Are you someone who likes to sample when out and about?
Justin's Doggy Update
After this week's doggy drama and yesterday's article, Sydney and I went to the vet this morning, and this is what she had to say...
What Do You Do If Your Dog is a Picky Eater?
My dog has always been a really good eater. She doesn't wolf food down like some dogs do, and she'd usually eat when she wanted and leave the rest for later. But recently, she's gotten a lot more picky, to the point of it now being a concern.