Today's topic is the opposite of yesterday's.  Instead of talking about foods that you prefer to be well-done, and in many cases charred, today we're talking about the stuff you eat raw.

Sushi is an incredibly popular item and I'll eat it, but I don't love it.  I'd prefer to eat my fish cooked.  Do any of you eat raw eggs?  I don't think I'd ever be able to do that.

Now I know that by definition, fruits and vegetables and nuts are considered foods we eat raw.  I'm sure most of us enjoy these foods every day.

But I'm curious if you're the type to just pick berries off a vine?  Once, when strolling through a wooded area with my friend, she pulled off some berries and popped them in her mouth, saying how she used to always enjoy sharing berries with her granny when she was young.  My guard went up, even though I was touched by her sentimental story.  She seemed to know what berries were safe to eat, and what were not.  Me?  I'm not that confident or brave.  Plus I wouldn't eat anything like that without running it under water first.  Am I being unnecessarily cautious?  Are you someone who likes to sample when out and about?

If you ARE the type who likes to eat nature's offerings as you explore, here's a guide that can help you know what to avoid eating.


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