This time of year you may be getting together with friends to celebrate the season.  Good food and conversation can make it a fabulous night.  Until the check comes.  Some people just like to split the bill evenly.  But some people, myself included, think it's most fair for people to pay for their share.  (I've written before about how I don't think people who order one glass of wine should subsidize those who drink two or three or order the most expensive thing on the menu.)

I'm sensing a tide change.  In my travels this year, I found more and more restaurants were willing to bring separate checks.  In fact, some even offered before we had to ask!

Those of you who work in Ocean County restaurants, what are your thoughts on separate checks?  Is it a big hassle?  Do you get better tips because individuals are "rounding up?"

And those of you who go out to eat, are you a fan of separate checks or does splitting the bill work for you and your friends?


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