I Wish I Could Take The Show Outside Today
Many people and pets have had a bit of cabin fever being cooped up during the past couple of weeks of frigid temps and snowy, icy conditions. What will YOU do to take advantage of the warm temperatures today? I'm going to sit outside and read while I enjoy a nice cup of tea. Then Taylor and I will have a play date with my friends and their dogs.
Scenes From a Frozen Jersey Shore
I decided to go out the morning and get some photos of the frozen Jersey Shore. At the time the temp was 7 degrees with wind chills at -9 below zero. The forecast tonight will see temps around 1 with wind chills -15 to -20. Check out the frozen creeks, lakes and bay. Kee...
Warming Our Bellies With Snow Day Comfort Food
Growing up, I remember snow days meant chicken noodle soup with saltine crackers. And hot chocolate was served after we'd come in from sledding or playing in the snow. Grilled cheese with tomato soup is served in many New Jersey homes on a day like today. Pancakes, chili, chicken pot pie, lasagna, hot apple cider...those are some other favorite dishes that you might be enjoying during the blizzard.
Wasn’t This Supposed To Be a Happy and Healthy New Year?
I know that it's pretty inevitable to catch something during the winter. We're cooped up in closed houses, sharing germs as we go about our lives and touch door handles, remote controls, etc. It's also been a pretty social few weeks with holiday parties and lots of kissing and hand shaking. My friend boycotts all affectionate greetings during the winter. She makes it known that she doesn't want to catch or share any germs. But some of us are natural huggers and we instinctively say, "hi" to people by opening our arms. How do you manage at this time of year. If you're getting over an illness, do you let everyone know? How do you greet people without a handshake, kiss, or hug?
Here Comes the Snow for the Jersey Shore
Ok, a couple of things, it's COLD and if it's going to snow - let's have it on the weekend.  Hopefully there won't be a lot of people on the road.  Also, if the snow comes tomorrow (Saturday, December 30th) it won't interfere with all the New Year's Eve celebrations.
Wearing Shorts Year Round in Ocean County
When it's NOT summer and I see a guy wearing shorts, he looks a bit out of sorts to me. But over the years I've met more and more males exposing their legs no matter what the temperature. And it seems they just don't feel the cold like many of us do.

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