A transformer fire at a JCP&L substation in Whiting knocks out power for about 4,200 customers in the western section of Manchester Township Monday afternoon.

As of 5:24 pm according to the JCP&L Outage map, only 12 Ocean County residents were out of power.

A patrolman heard a large "boom" around 1:50 pm near Manchester Boulevard and Lacey Road coming from the electrical substation located just off Route 530.

The fire that the officer saw resulted in 4,200 without power.

Fire crews from the Whiting Volunteer Fire Company and power crews from JCP&L arrived on scene quickly to douse the blaze and restore the power.

The rapid response by officials resulted in power being restored much quicker than anticipated.

Due to the frigid temperatures outside, the Manchester Office of Emergency Management established a warming station at the Whiting Volunteer Fire Company on Route 530 in case it was needed.

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