With so many wishes for "good health and happiness in the new year" why are so many of us sick right now?  If you're not sniffling and coughing, you probably have someone in your circle who is.  Some have even caught that dreaded flu bug.  Ugh!

I know that it's pretty inevitable to catch something during the winter.  We're cooped up in closed houses, sharing germs as we go about our lives and touch door handles, remote controls, etc.

It's also been a pretty social few weeks with holiday parties and lots of kissing and hand shaking.

My friend boycotts all affectionate greetings during the winter.  She makes it known that she doesn't want to catch or share any germs.  But some of us are natural huggers and we instinctively say, "hi" to people by opening our arms.

How do you manage at this time of year?  If you're getting over an illness, do you let everyone know?  How do you greet people without a handshake, kiss, or hug?

And on a related note, do you say anything to people who are cluelessly spreading germs?  I remember sitting behind a woman who was coughing and did nothing to cover her nose or mouth.  I offered her a throat drop and asked her to cover her mouth next time.

If you're under the weather today, I hope you feel better soon.  It really would be great if we could all stay cold-free and flu-free this winter!

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