The Jersey Shore has some great local arts, take advantage

This weekend I had the privilege of seeing a local production of "Pride & Prejudice" .... Jane Austen' 1813 novel that deals with manners, love, morality, education, and marriage.

Pride and Prejudice is also about that thing that all great novels consider, the search for self. And it is the first great novel that teaches us this search is as surely undertaken in the drawing room making small talk as in the pursuit of a great white whale or the public punishment of adultery. ~  Anna Quindlen


BRAVO! to Mr Chuck Miller ( Teacher/Director ) , Bart DiFrancia ( Teacher/Assistant Director ) and all the Teachers, Parents, Staff and Students involved in the Pinelands Regional Thespian Society. What a fantastic production by the Wildcats. I am so impressed with the Cast who not only did a fantastic job with their parts, but in accent the whole time too! Fantastic to see our young people involved! The scenery was great , really felt like we were transported to a 19th century English estate. I have never seen "Pride and Prejudice" so I'm glad I can now add that to my list, next time there's a local production go see it!

Speaking of "local productions" we really have a great pool of productions throughout the area....through our schools and local theater groups! We can all be better residents by supporting our "Arts" right here at the Jersey Shore. We have fantastic venues too ... Strand Theatre, Algonquin Arts Center, Pine Belt Arena, Stafford Township Arts Center, Count Basie Theater, Two River Theater, Surflight Theater, Ocean County College Fine Arts Center, Performing Arts Center at Brookdale, Jersey Shore Arts Center and the Little Theater at Georgian Court the really nice school theaters too.

So keep your eyes out and check our website for upcoming local productions and see you at the show!