Today is the final full day of summer as the fall equinox arrives at 4:02pm Friday.

Ironically we are in the midst of the warmest weather we have had in weeks and this weekend looks like a perfect one for those seeking to spend a couple of more days at the beach.

It also means a delay in putting away the summer wardrobe which I cling to as long as possible. As a matter of fact what I like most about summer more than the beach, warm sunshine, long days of light, enjoying a cocktail while looking at the water are the clothes.

Frankly if I could wear shorts 350 days a year I would be happy. Same with bright colors and topsiders without socks (sandals on the weekend).  Pink, sky blue, yellow that’s for me and yet a check of fashion trends says popular fall colors for men include rusted copper, ginger and spruce green. I’m depressed already.

That light and airy feeling of summer clothing will soon be replaced by the bulky and heavy feeling of long pants, sweaters and even worse, shoes that require socks.  This transition is one I dread and will avoid as long as the summer winds keeps blowing in from across the sea. (sorry Frank).

What I don’t understand is dressing for the calendar and not the weather.  It was 80 degrees yesterday but I saw a lot of women and even men wearing clothes more suited for a crisp day in the 50s.

Well that’s not me. I’m going to be a hold out this fall for as long as possible and squeeze every last day I can out of what I like to wear, not what the fashion police suggest.

And speaking of them, I don’t care what they say but you can wear white after Labor Day as long as you match it with a more fall-like color.

In case you haven’t figured this out I had writer’s block today and just could not come up with anything.  Some days this is the best two minutes in radio and then there’s days like today.  Even the best teams often leave their “A” game at home.



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