I don't know about your house, but it was only about a week ago that my heat was kicking on in the morning. The last few days, it's been the air conditioning in the afternoon!

Continuing the trend of odd weather that we've been experiencing for what feels like the past year or so, it seems like we skipped spring and plowed right into summer.

While winter was relatively mild and dry, spring has been the definition of a mixed bag. We've had stretches of nice, seasonable days, but then we've had days on end with rain and chilly temperatures.

Now, with the unofficial start to summer only hours away, it feels more like the end of July than the end of May.

The temperature reading from my car this morning was likely inflated by being on the hot blacktop of the Parkway with the Sun beaming down, but with official temperatures well into the 80s as I write this, it doesn't feel too far off from the reading in the photo above.

How do you feel about jumping right into summer? Are you enjoying the hot weather or would you like it to cool down again? Comment below and let us know!