Based on my commute in to work earlier, it looks like people are trying to get a jump on the Labor Day Friday traffic!

Not only was the Garden State Parkway traffic southbound heavier than what I see on my normal drive in to work, but an awful lot of it was from those cheddar-orange New York license plates.

Of course, visitors to the shore are always welcome. We depend on the tourism for a huge chunk of our local economy. But along with that comes the traffic headaches as well.

My recommendation - do what you have to do today!

The roads are starting to get busier now, but aren't at a full stop. This time tomorrow, that could be a very different story.

Of course, you can stay tuned to us on-air for the latest with Ocean County Traffic Watch on 92.7 WOBM.

How's the traffic where you are? Are you starting to see the holiday weekend volume building up? Comment below and let us know!


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