Technically, summer still goes for about another three weeks, September 21st is the official final day of summer, 2016.

But to many, the season is in its last few days.

While Memorial Day Weekend and Labor Day Weekend are both three day weekends for many, with backyard BBQs, daytrips to the beach, and no alarm clocks, they have a distinctively different feel.

Memorial Day Weekend is the start to the season. The kickoff to summer at the Shore. People are fine tuning their grilling skills and trying out the backyard games and pool toys for the first time of the year.

But Labor Day Weekend is the end. The grill has three months of use on it, the volleyball net is probably starting to get worn out, and your pool noodles probably tore in half a while ago.

Memorial Day Weekend is celebrated by kids as the start to three months of lazy days, or the beginning of their summer jobs.

Labor Day Weekend includes gathering the school supplies, comparing notes with friends on new teachers, and saying goodbye to summer friends.

But for both, Memorial Day and Labor Day Weekends in Ocean County are times for family and friends to come together, eat, laugh, and enjoy each others company without thinking about work or school for at least a few days.

How do you plan to celebrate this Labor Day Weekend? Share your plans in the comments section!


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