As a lot of you know, I've been blessed in my life to find and share my heart with a great man that recently proposed to it's time to start planning the "second time around" wedding..what should we do?

When it comes to a second wedding I have no clue.  I'm not even sure if I was ever at a second wedding.  Or I guess I should say that I've never even thought about it.  I always thought wow, I remember planning the first one and not even thinking about a second one.  When you get married, no one says...well you better get ready, there might be another wedding to plan for.  To me right now in my's a beautiful feeling, more relaxed and it's going to be all about our kids.

It was the perfect proposal and proposal place..Walt Disney World (our favorite place) with Minnie and Pluto helping out!


Now what?  Where should we get married?

I love lots of lights and palm trees and warm weather, I will tell you that!  Please Help Us Out....take the poll and if you have any other ideas I'd love to know what you're thinking that would be extra special for our "second time around".  Please feel free to write down your ideas and help us make this day a very special one!


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