WHITING — The Manchester Township Police Department proudly hosted The First Responder's Fitness Challenge last week which raised thousands for charity.

The vigorous challenge that would be tough for the Hulk was held on Wednesday, June 5th at the Harry Wright Lake in Whiting. It was a team-based competition for fire, military, and law enforcement personnel.

Manchester Township Police Chief Lisa D. Parker says that the challenge is one of the most intense physical competitions, "only high-trained athletes can successfully complete it."

The Stafford Township Police Department came out on top and earned the title of "Fittest Police Department" and successfully beat out 16 other four-person teams for the ranking.

The West Windsor Police Department came in second place, and the Ocean City Police Department came in third place.

Exercises included a team vehicle push, barrier climbs, deadlifts, ground-overhead, yoke carry, farmers carry, kettlebell swings\burpees, individual tire flip, individual pole flip, sandbag walking lunge, sandbag carry, firehouse drag, rope climbs, bear crawls, and a 200-yard swim to cool off.

"First responders must commit to maintaining a high physical standard for their entire career, as the nature of their job demands it. Everyone who participated should be proud of their accomplishment and sincere dedication to fitness," Chief Parker said.

In all, the competition raised nearly $3,600 for Ava's Voice Charity.

Ava is a brave young township resident who is affected by Usher Syndrome. She was born deaf and is slowly going blind. The illness currently does not have a cure and can impact vision, hearing, and balance.

Vin Ebenau contributed to this report.

Mark Anthony is a reporter for Townsquare Media: Mark.Kowalski@townsquaremedia.com

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