As today's snow continues its transition to rain, it might be tempting to look at the calendar as we sit here at the end of February, and feel like we can relax because spring is almost here.

While spring is exactly a month away, starting on March 20th, that doesn't mean that the snow threat is necessarily almost over by any means.

While big snow storms making March and even April miserable are rare, it's happened a number of times over the years.

Just take a look at this article that lists 10 significant March and April snow storms that have hit NJ.

Like a late March storm (1958) that dropped over half-a-foot in some areas of the Shore.

And even an early April event (1982) that left a few inches on the spring sidewalks across New Jersey.

Weeks later, over the state line in Philadelphia, April 26th is considered to be the latest date that measurable snow fell. Back in 1967, equipment picked up 0.1 inches of snow at Philadelphia International Airport.

So yes, we've still got 28 days of winter left, and hopefully we can look back on winter 2018-2019 as a relatively dry one (at least as far as snow goes), but we've still got quite some time to go before we can confidently say that it's in the rear view mirror.



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