Spring brings the return of a lot of things here in Ocean County; plant life, professional baseball, and yes, even stink bugs.

According to researchers, though, the stink bug invasion this spring may not be what it has been in years past thanks to Mother Nature.

While a huge portion of the country, Ocean County included, was submerged into sub-zero temperatures a few weeks ago thanks to the polar vortex, something good could actually end up coming out of that unpleasant period - fewer stink bugs this spring.

Results of a recent Virginia Tech study suggest that up to 95% of the stink bug population may have been wiped out.

According to an explanation of the study in the Washington Post, this is really the first extreme winter in the Mid-Atlantic since stink bugs started spreading about a decade ago, so we never really knew what their survival would be like when winter temperatures really took a dive.

So, when the spring re-birth begins, bunches of stink bugs may be missing from Ocean County.

If there's one thing that we've learned in the past few years, though, it's that those buggers are pretty good at reproducing and spreading, so the drop in the population might not last long in the end.


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