My sister has invited me on a road trip to bring her daughter back to college.  I instantly said, "yes," always happy for an opportunity to spend time with these two.  I figured we would tell stories in the car, bond, and laugh our way through our "girls' weekend."  My sister had a different vision.  She wants me as a passenger so I can pump gas into her car!

I kid you not.  She's more than 50 years old, and as a New Jersey resident, never needs to use a gas pump because attendants are always at the ready.  Travelling to Pennsylvania?  Well, that will require an experienced gas-pumper to be present, so she invited me.

Of course, I will ride along and help when needed.  But I'm thinking I can be of greatest service by showing her how to do it herself.  Pumping gas is a necessary life-skill, in my opinion.  I want her to be able to self-sufficient so that when life takes her to other states, she won't have to ask anyone for help.

My niece does not show any interest in wanting to learn, but I think for current and future generations, I need to teach these two!

Do you think I should show my sister and niece how to dispense gas or just do it for them?