When’s the last time you flew out of Newark Airport?  I noticed signs of old and new technology that I thought  I would share with you.  First, there’s a long bank of pay telephones that don’t have recievers any more.  I’m not sure what they’re planning to do with these relics but it’s pretty obvious that most people have access to personal cell phones.  Remember when we relied on these pay phones?  I can clearly recall during weather delays seeing people lined up waiting to use them.  Back in the day, they were necessary to communicate delays, arrange alternate travel plans, contact family and friends, schedule pickups,etc.

Now at the airport, instead of waiting in line for a human to check in you, you’re directed to self service kiosks where you enter your information, including how many bags you’re checking.  Then you put your bag on the scale and THEN get to interact with an actual person.


Another high tech change at the airport includes tablet computers at each table setting of several restaurants.  Each was loaded with apps to allow people to read  about a variety of topics and play different games.

And the purchase of my pre-flight meal was done self-serve style with me swiping my own credit card and bagging my sandwich and bottle of water.

What do you think of these changes at the airport?   Are they improvements in your opinion?

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