Thank you all for your comments about my previous "gas pump" post.  I was surprised and impressed by the number of New Jerseyans who hold firm to their belief that gas tanks should be filled by station attendants.   Among the sentiments I saw on Facebook:

  • We are not spoiled.  We are doing it right.
  • I'm sick of people wanting us to pump our own gas.
  • If you want to pump, move to a state where you can and leave the rest of us along.
  • Pumping gas is gross, smelly, and makes your hands dirty.
  • Jersey Girls don't pump gas.

Feeling that I was outnumbered, and that most of people were siding with my sister, a Jersey resident who doesn't ever fill up her own tank, I decided I wouldn't push the issue over the weekend.  I'd just swipe the credit card, and fill up the tank for her.

I was pleasantly surprised when she got out of the car, "to watch and learn," as she put it. Well I seized the moment and just started calling out the instructional steps encouraging her to get a hands-on experience.  "Turn the cap to the left to open it."  "Push the button of which kind you want."  Next thing I knew, my sister was smiling, proud of completing her inaugural fueling in Pennsylvania.  And I was proud of her.  After that nice moment passed, reality set in and she complained of the smell saying she wanted to wash her hands.  So that leads me to today's question:

When you ARE out of state at a gas station, how do you get rid of that yucky "gotta wash my hands" feeling.  Do you have cleansing wipes in the glove box?  Do you use hand sanitizer?  Or do you find a sink?  Those of you Ocean County residents who work at gas stations, what's your secret to removing the smell?


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