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So I was out with April and we popped into a restaurant for a quick bite this past weekend and as we entered I noticed they actually had touch screens set up to order your food without seeing a waiter. waitress or cashier .... so basically everything was done manually by us.

Now I know how to use touch screen and don't mind being self sufficient, what I do have a problem with is touching a filthy screen that has possibly hundreds of strangers finger "germs" all over it from god knows who.

This problem is becoming more an issue in today's "health" conversation especially with coronavirus becoming a headline. It appears our hands may be ground zero for all sorts of issues. This being said, we seem to have more and more "public" touch screens to interact with. You find these germ beds at banks, convenience stores, restaurants, gas stations, and anywhere you use a credit or debit card.

It's bad enough our own touch screens can get dirty....with our own germs, but when your out in public this can become a problem. Think of it, you go out to eat and order off a touch screen and then you forget to wash your hands before eating and well next thing you know those fingers are in your mouth!

So what is the answer? well wash your hands more, carry hand sanitizer and most importantly buy a "stylus pen". If you don't know what a stylus pen is....it's a pen you can use on touch screens so YOU don't have to touch them. They are inexpensive and you should have one with you all the time. Still WASH your hands

Speaking of hand washing, check out this data from the Center's for Disease Control & Prevention when it comes to proper hand washing.

Hopefully this helps and you'll remember to keep those fingers clean .... how do you deal with public touch screens?

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