Let's be honest, it's not easy to find anything positive to get out of the absolute brutal cold that we're experiencing in Ocean County right now. But we can try to at least have some fun with it with a cool science experiment that you can do right at home!

You only need three things:

  • A frozen pond (which in Ocean County won't be too hard to find)
  • A nice hefty rock
  • A good throwing arm

What you'll get is an eerie, echoing sound that will resonate through the neighborhood.

Here, take a look!

It all has to do with the sound waves that travel through the different densities between the ice and the water. To be honest, I can't even begin to explain it as well as actual science-types, so I'll let you read all about it by clicking here!

So go ahead and grab some nice, hefty rocks and head to your nearest frozen pond to freak out people nearby with the sound of an otherworldly death ray!



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