So what are some of the signs that summer as most of us know it is coming to an end.  I say most of us because those that are retired will tell you September is the best month of summer and we still have a ways to go until we get there.  However for most Labor Day weekend is pretty much the end although frankly I think summer wraps up even before that.

Back to the signs that my favorite season is coming to an end:

  • It’s getting darker earlier.
  • Back to school shopping (which has already started).
  • You no longer care that much that you grass is more brown than green.
  • Signs for temporary Halloween stores are popping up.
  • Kids start going back to college (which they will soon).
  • NFL Training Camps open (which they did this week).
  • End of summer sales which are coming soon and might have started in some instances.
  • You’re wondering when your favorite TV shows will return in the fall.
  • You dread your kids asking to go to the beach in the morning.
  • You don’t care all that much anymore about your tan.
  • You are actually looking forward to hearing these two words….pumpkin spice.
  • You start talking to your family about Christmas.

I have no idea if any of these apply to you but here’s one that applies to all of us.  Monday is August 1st and there’s no getting around that.

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