There has been so much said by residents following the Government shut down on the 4th of July Weekend and the use of the Island Beach "Governors Residence" by Governor Christie and his family, while the beach was closed. So many were upset that Christie used the mansion and beach while the public was shut out.

In a report by ..... It didn't take long for response from lawmakers in Trenton. Democratic State Assemblyman John Wisniewski has introduced a measure that would not allow anyone, including the Governor, from using State owned residential property during a government shut down. This would include the mansion at Island Beach, but would not include Drumthwacket.

a private luxury paid for with public money ~ Assemblyman Wisniewski (referring to the Island Beach Governor's residence)

So all this brings up the following questions ....

  • Does the Governor need the "residence" at Island Beach State Park?
  • Should the Governor be allowed to use the Island Beach "residence" during a government shut-down?
  • Should the public be allowed to lease the Island Beach residence? 
  • Should the State sell the Island Beach "residence"?


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