Hey there, it's officially Fall! Time for pumpkin spice lattes, cozy sweaters, football games, upcoming holidays, and, uh, leaves? Well, maybe not leaves. They just come with the season, right? But here's the thing – what's your leaf game plan?

Are you the type to just leave them be, thinking, "I'll mow over them in the spring"? Or maybe you're the eco-warrior bagging up a hundred sacks for compost. Perhaps you're the risk-taker blowing them into the street; fingers crossed that they won't boomerang back into your yard. Or, let's be real, are you the sly neighbor who sneakily blows them into their yard, hoping they won't catch on?


I bet we've all been guilty of trying these moves at least once! If you're all about that pristine lawn look, you're probably bagging and tossing those leaves in the trash. But if you're more of a laissez-faire lawn enthusiast, you probably just let them be.

Now, unless you're sneaking them into your neighbor's yard ninja-style, there's really no wrong answer here. But if you're curious about the eco-friendly route, why not consult the leaf experts? Yep, they exist! And they'd tell you that leaving the leaves is the way to go – Here's why:

  • It acts as a fertilizer, keeping your grass happy and healthy,
  • It's also a top-notch weed deterrent.
  • Those fallen leaves generously share nutrients with their nearby plants.
  • Plus, steering clear of landfills helps to reduce greenhouse gases.
  • Also, worms, caterpillars, and chipmunks find cozy nesting spots in the leaves.

Oh, and here's a heads up: tossing leaves into the street doesn't just clog the drains; it can also mess with the water quality down the line.


Basically, the pro move is to give those leaves a run-through with your mower, letting them break down naturally. Come spring, your lawn will look fantastic because of it.

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