Vegas is a real heartbreaker. As you walk past him while he's in his kennel and all the other dogs are barking, Vegas just sits there politely, putting up a paw, hoping that you'll notice him. We hope that he isn't being overlooked because of his age since Vegas has the spunk of a puppy but the personality of a sweet, mature, loving dog....

Popcorn Park Zoo
Popcorn Park Zoo
At 8 years old, Vegas, a shar pei, came to us as a stray and we just can't believe that no one came to claim this sweetheart. Vegas is ready to begin his search for a new family that will never let him go. Poor Vegas was in a bit of rough shape when he arrived. He was thin and sickly, and had a puncture on his foot that he we treated several times with laser therapy. He's healed, healthy, and ready for a home. When he's out for a walk, he wants to check out absolutely everything around him. He's strong and active, and he could use a little training with leash-walking but off leash, Vegas is a perfect gentleman. When he's inside, he is just an absolute mush. If you scratch his back, he does the happy-butt-dance and he simply eats up attention when it's given to him. He's very gentle and loving and Vegas just loves making new friends. He is dominant with other dogs and will need a home with no cats, but when it comes to people, Vegas has nothing but love in his heart for everyone he meets. Please consider giving our Vegas the lifetime of happiness that he deserves.
For more information, visit:
1 Humane Way
Forked River, NJ
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