Luna is a sweetheart!  Luna is looking for a forever home.

Popcorn Park Zoo
Popcorn Park Zoo

You cannot walk past Luna without noticing her constantly wagging rear-end. She just can't contain her delight when she sees a friend approaching, and goes into a blur of brindle wiggling! Luna is a 6 year old boxer/pit mix that is truly one of the friendliest dogs you will ever meet. She only needs to meet you once to remember that you're her very best friend! With Luna's sweet and loving temperament, it's sad to think that she wasn't treated all that well. She had a skin infection that was left untreated for so long that it caused sores to pop up and bleed, which is when her owner finally turned her in. Some medications and baths will fix Luna right up and then she'll be even happier, if that's possible. Luna is a well behaved, playful, girl that never met anyone she didn't like. (Well, she doesn't like cats, but that's about it) She is housebroken and well mannered, and gets along fine with other dogs and kids too. She will bring so much happiness to the good family that welcomes her home.

1 Humane Way

Forked River, NJ





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