Bring a little lab-lovin' into your life by welcoming Rusty and Anubis into your heart and home! These two sweethearts will keep you active and warm your heart. The bubbly boys are about 9 years old and were surrendered when their owner passed away and no one could take them in. The boys were quite depressed when they lost their owner, especially Rusty, but thankfully, they still had each other. They comfort each other and give each other hope and we would never dream of separating them, so the boys will need a home where they can stay together forever. They are typical loving labs that are well behaved, have great personalities, and are still playful and active, even though they're a little older. They get along great with dogs, cats, and kids too. What more could you ask for? Come in and meet Rusty and Anubis and give them the happy home that they're dreaming of.

1 Humane Way

Forked River, NJ



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